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Episode Summaries

Episode #1 Uzumaki Naruto Arrives!!

Twelve years ago, a nine tailed fox demon attacked the ninja village of Konahagakure, killing hundreds of people and tearing whole families apart. The fox was finally defeated through the heroic effort of a man called Hokage the Fourth, who could not destroy the fox, but could only seal it inside of a living vessel. He did so, trapping it inside of a new born baby's navel, then the Hokage died. That boy happens to be the main character of this story: Uzamaki Naruto.
Flash forward twelve years:
Naruto, now an adolescent, is defacing Konahagakure's village monument, the faces of the Hokages carved on the mountainside (think Mount Rushmore).IN PAINT! Not only that, but he's skipping ninja class to do it. His teacher, Iruka, angrily forces Naruto to clean it up, but then softens up a bit, because Naruto is an orphan, just like him. So he treats Naruto to his favorite food (ramen) after the mess is cleaned up. Naruto reveals his reason for defacing the monument. He wants to be a Hokage. And when he does, he'll surpass everyone who came before him.
The next day, the whole school takes the ninja test, to see if they are ready to become full fledged ninjas. Naruto fails miserably. After the test, one of his teachers, Mizuki, tells him how he can pass the test with ease. All Naruto has to do is steal a secret scroll from the house of the current Hokage. The technique that Naruto needs to know is written inside of the scroll. Naruto steals it, and hides in the forest to memorize the technique. Turns out that the scroll contains a forbidden ninja art, and Mizuki just wanted to use it for himself. Iruka arrives just in time to warn Naruto, but too late to keep Mizuki from revealing a terrible secret. Naruto is really the reincarnation of the demon fox that destroyed the village, including Iruka's family. Iruka knows, but he doesn't blame the deed on Naruto. He really likes and respects him.
The demon fox did it, not the boy. Mizuki is about to kill Iruka, but Naruto uses his new technique, the art of the doppleganger, to whoop Mizuki's sorry behind. Iruka proclaims that Naruto is qualified to be a ninja. He has passed the test.

EpisodeA#2 I am Konohamaru

This episode wasn't really that important, but it introduces a new characture,Konohamaru! The episode begins with Naruto getting his picture taken for the ninja yearbook. just to let you know,he painted his face in a strange way. He takes it in to the third hogake to get it in the yearbook and the hogake says " Do it over!" Naruto dose his usual arguing, when a little brat runs in and shouts" On garud old man!?" and suddenly trips over his own feet. The kids name is Konohamaru by the way. Konohamaru's tutor,Ebisu, runs in in search for him, and Konohamaru yells" He tripped Me", and Naruto comes back saying" You tripped over your own feet brat!!!" Naruto picks him up andis about to hit him when Ebisu shouts" Unhand him, he is the honorable grandson of the third hogake!" Naruto replies" Like I care!" and whacks Konohamaru upside the head. Naruto leavs and Konohamaru folows thinking Naruto dosen't notice him, when it's tottaly obvious. Konohamaru asks Naruto to be his new tutor and to teach him the ninja centerfold jutsu Naruto used on the Hogake. Naruto says yes and begins teaching him the ninja centerfold jutsu he invented. Problem is, Konohamaru turns into a fat,short,ugly chick! After that training they are sitting on a log, while Naruto is drinking a pop. Konohamaru tells Naruto That he wants to become the next hogake, so people will call him by his real name,Konohamaru, and not the honorable grandson of the third hogake! Naruto says "Ha, it's to big of a name for a little guy,and to become the next hogake, he'd have to beat him in a fight for it! All of the sudden Ebisu pops up and says"There you are, honorable grandson, come with me to continue proper training!" Konohamaru yells"Naruto is my new trainer!" Ebisu says" But you don't even know one jutsu!" Konohamaru replies" Oh ya, how do ya like my jutsu!" and Konohamaru turns into a sexy girl surronded in light mist! Ebisu nose starts to bleed in emberasment and says" Not proper for a mans eyes" Konohamaru turns back to normal and says" Oh man, why didn't it work!?" All of the sudden Naruto uses his dobbleganger jutsu, surrounds Ebisu and uses his ninja centerfold jutsu, turns into a bunch of pretty naked girls and smothers Ebisu with all of them! Ebisu's nose bleeds again, and he shoots out of nowhere. In the end Konohamaru dosen't want to be tuterd by anyone and Naruto and him are now rivals!!

Episode #3 Rivals! Sasuke and Sakura

This episode was funny. It starts off with Naruto waking up, eating breakfast, and preparing for class. Meanwhile, Sakura is racing to class with Ino, a rival trying to win the heart of Sasuke. Naruto was already in class when Sakura and Ino rush in. Naruto stands up and waves in hopes of getting Sakura's attention, Sakura also waves, but not at him. As Sakura ran over about to sit next to Sasuke, ALL the girls in the class started arguing over who should sit next to Sasuke. Anoied, Naruto got in front of Sasuke. They were glaring at each other (they hate each other). Shikamaru, a boy in front of Sasuke (besides Naruto) bumped into Naruto and him and Sasuke. . . . . KISSED!!! All the girls got mad. Sakura thought "I was sopposed to have Sasuke's 1st kiss! Naruto will pay!" Then, girls beat the sence out of him. Iruka, a teacher (and sometimes, acts like a brother to Naruto), announced the groups. Good for Sakura, she was in Sasuke's group. Bad for Naruto, he was also in Sasuke's group. Later in the show, Sakura was calling out to Sasuke and asking if he wanted to have lunch with her. He just walked away. Naruto came up to Sakura and asked if she would want to go to lunch with him. Sadly, he was put down. He was mad. So, he went to Sasuke's place and..... tied him up, hand and feet! From there, the transformed into Sasuke by a jutsu. Sakura was sitting alone eating lunch on a bench when Sasuke, A.K.A. Naruto, stood in the distence and said "I love that big forehead of yours..... That's a dumb thing Naruto would say." As he sat down, Sakura started to express what she felt about him (Sasuke). Soon after, they were leaning in to kiss. Remember the breakfast Naruto had? The milk he was drinking was bad. Then, he was about to break the jutsu so he rushed off to the bathroom. Sakura thought he (Sasuke, not the real one) was nervous. As Naruto came out of the bathroom, he saw the real Sasuke. Naruto thought he could tie him up again, so, he did the Shadow Clone Jutsu (like before). Then, when he (all of the Naruto's) was about to attack, the bad milk reared it's ugly head and all of Naruto's went strait to the bathroom. Sasuke (the real him) walked passed the bench where Sakura was. She tried to "sweet talk" him into giving the kiss another try and for him to not be nervous. She started to say stuff about Naruto, and Sasuke said "You don't know what it's like to be alone", etc. stuff like that. She thought she should be nicer to Naruto. Naruto walked by the bench. Sakura offered to go to lunch with him, but hearing what she said about him, he said NO!!! And of couse, ran back to the bathroom and said "Am I gonna spend the rest of my life on the pot?!?!?!?!?!" Of course I did leave out some stuff so forgive me!!!! :)

Episode #4 The Trial! Survival Training

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura have gathered for their training. they were instructed not eat breakfast and to come at 5 am, and come prepared. When they arrive Kakashi isn't there and it is around noon when he does come.they meet Kakashi, Their new instructor, he says that anyone who doesn't pass this training test will be sent back to Ninja school. Their task is to grab one bell from his side (there is only two) and if they pass they can eat their lunch. Naruto enraged by insults goes first. He's weak and hungry but he tries. He is knocked into the river, then makes doppelgangers, he tries to get their sensei but fails. He then comes out and sees a bell near the trunk of a tree. he thinks that Kakashi accidentally dropped it. when he goes to get it he gets caught in a trap. Kakashi is lecturing Naruto. Then Sasuke launches an attack, when he thinks the Kakashi isn't paying attention. Kakashi moves out of the way and Sasuke realizes that it was a trap moves to a different location incase of being caught. Sasuke hides waiting to strike. Sakura who is seperated is played a foul trick on by Kakashi He made an illusion to make it appear that Sasuke was injured badly. She screams Sasuke and immediatly faints. Meanwhile Sasuke and Kakashi meet and Sasuke throws knives at him and Kakashi easily dodges. but it was a trap. Sasuke throws a knife to cut a rope and knives spring out of no where and shoots it at Kakashi but he gets away then Sasuke runs behind him and kicks him which kakashi easily dodges and the Sasuke punches and it is dodged to. he was able to touch the bells but kakashi jumped back so he failed. then he conjures fire and shoots it at kakashi, but he gets away. Then time is up! Kakashi announces that they could have won if the just used teamwork and then says you are all unfit to ever become Ninjas.

Episode #5 Failure? Kakashi's Conclusion

Naruto has fallen for the obvious bait Kakashi had left(a bell was lying on the floor). His legs were tied from a tree and Kakashi gives him a lecture, "If the bait is obvious, don't take it." Sasuke thought that Kakashi had droped his guard so he attacked with shuriken. Surprisinly he used a replacement no justu with a log of bamboo or some kind of wood. Sasuke runs through the forest trying to make sure Kakashi doesn't find out where he is.

Kakashi is hiding behind bushes, as Sakura runs too. She is hopeing that Kakashi didn't see Sasuke. As she ran she saw Kakashi sitting down and she slides back to hide behind some bushes.
"Sakura." Kakashi said, Sakura glanced over and saw Sasuke dying. Sakura fainted. Of course it was an act by Kakashi.

Sasuke steped up and told Kakashi that he's not like Naruto and Sakura, and then he tries to get a bell. It was a plan to get the bells and make a distraction by making a fight seen. Both Sasuke and Kakashi's hands were tied as Sasuke dileverd blows. Then with 1 free hand he touched a bell. Kakashi notices that and moves away quickly.

Suddenly Sasuke does a fireball jutsu, Kakashi is surprised because he doesn't have enough chakra. The fire takes out a lot of space and t seems Kakashi has dissapeared. Sasuke looks around, "Where'd he go?" he said. "Behind me, top of me?" Then he feels a tug from the ground, "I'm where you least expected!" Kakashi pulls Sasuke underground leaving only his head popped up.

Sakura wakes up and notices Sasuke's head. "SASUKE'S BEHEADED?!?" She yells then faints again.

Episode #6 Important Mission! Heading to the Country of the Wave

So team seven has just passed Kakashi's test and are now real ninjas!! You may think this means life or death missions, close shaves and excitement, right? Well, their first mission involves finding a LOST PET CAT! Naruto isn't impressed, and complains to the Hokage about their boring assignments. He explains that they are new ninjas, and are not ready for harder tasks. But, because Naruto whined loud enough, he decides to let them try something harder. Namely, escorting a bridge builder to his own country to complete his latest project. The bridge builder's name is Tazuna, and he doesn't have much confidence in Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi's abilities, and is rather rude to them (he even calls Naruto a midget, causing Naruto to get pissed off. Kakashi has to hold him back, explaining that they must not kill the man they are assigned to protect.). Anyway, you know what this means. Road trip!! And so, Naruto and co. are off to the land of waves. On the road, Sakura questions Kakashi about the possibility that they may run into foreign ninjas, and he explains that in the land of waves, there are no ninjas, so they don't have to worry. He goes on to teach them about the different countries, and the ninjas that reside there. Suddenly, two ninjas with claws and chains that resemble chainsaws emerge from a puddle! They take the bladed chains and wrap them aroud Kakashi,TEARING HIM APART! They then go after Naruto and Tazuna. Naruto gets scratched on the hand by one of their claws. Meanwhile, Sakura attempts to block Tazuna from the other ninja's attack. Sasuke manages to keep one of the ninjas from killing Naruto, and then goes to save Sakura. Then WHAM! the ninjas are stopped in thier tracks by MASTER KAKASHI! He had used the art of substitution to switch his body with blocks of wood when the ninjas attacked him! He explains that he could have stopped the ninjas at any time, but he wanted to see who their target was. He turns to Naruto and tells him to keep still, because the cut he recieved was poisoned. The wound will need to be opened further to wash the poison away. It turns out that Tazuna was the target of the attack. He admits that a man named Gatou wants to kill him to keep him from building his latest bridge. Gatou is in charge of all the ships that get through to the land of waves, and the construction of the bridge would mean he would not recieve as much money. People would use the bridge instead of his ridiculously expensive shipping. So he hired mist ninjas to kill him. Kakashi debates about whether to help Tazuna out, or go back to the village, because this mission is too hard for new ninjas to take on, and Naruto needs medical attention. Naruto feels guilty, and cuts his hand himself, swearing that he will protect Tazuna. Very dramatic, but Kakashi explains to Naruto that the cut he gave himself could make him bleed to death. Naruto freaks out, but as Kakashi inspects his hand, the wound is almost healed! So the agree to go to the land of waves. We also see a scene in which a creepy ninja with a huge blade (his name is Zabuza, as we will later see) talks with Gatou, agreeing to take Tazuna out personally.

Episode #7 The Assassin of the Mist!

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, and Tasuna are walking through the forest in the Wave Village. Naruto thinks that he isn't going to lose to Sasuke again. He runs ahead of the group and acts as if he is searching for an enemy. He yells at false signal of an enemy and throws a kunai knife. He yells again and throws a kunai knife in a different direction. He continues his acting. Behind him, Tasuna is getting slowly more angry. He yells at Naruto to quit trying to scare him. The squad looks in the area where Naruto threw the second kunai knife. Sakura gasps and pounds Naruto telling him to look at what he did. Naruto sees a snow rabbit with a kunai knife in a tree above it. Naruto runs over and begins to hug the rabbit and rub his face against it. Kakashi starts thinking in suspicion that the snow rabbit has white fur yet its fur is only supposed to be that color when theres no sunlight, and that it was raised indoors for a Replacement Jutsu. A giant sword comes out of the trees and spins toward the squad, who all squat down before the sword hits them. The sword slices halfway into a tree and someone dashes onto it. It is a tall, muscular man known as Zabuza Momochi. Naruto thinks of this as a chance to redeem himself, and as he is running toward Zabuza, Kakashi stops him telling him that he is in the way. Kakashi tells the group to make a manji formation around Tasuna, and they quickly go around Tasuna, one facing each direction but leaving the back unguarded. Kakashi pulls the headband out from over his eye, saying that he will be needing it. He has what is called a Sharingan. The group starts talking about how Sharingan can anticipate and copy every jutsu. Zabuza walks out into the water and begins a jutsu. Kakashi thinks in his mind that Zabuza is building up an immense amount of Chakra. All of a sudden, Zabuza disappears and it shows a leaf hitting the water where he was. In disbelief, Sakura asks what happened to Zabuza. Kakashi explains that Zabuza is a master of the silent killing technique, and that that technique leaves you passing from this lifetime without knowing what happened. Zabuza laughs and recites the names of 8 parts of the body that when attacked will kill you. He thinks out loud what he should attack. He suddenly appears in the center of the Manji formation the squad is in and in front of Tasuna. Kakashi instantly stabs Zabuza in the stomach and he starts to leak water. Zabuza vanishes into a pool of water and appears behind Kakashi. He slices his sword through Kakashi, but Kakashi also vanishes into a pool of water. Zabuza thinks in awe that Kakashi already copied his Waterclone Jutsu. While Zabuza is standing still, Kakashi stands behind him and holds a kunai knife up to his neck. He states that Zabuza is finished.

Episode #8 Decision Sworn on Pain

Kakashi who thought that he had gotten the real Zabuza in his grasp relized it was another water clone and the real Zabuza was just behind him. Kakashi was able to dodge Zabuza's swing but was kicked in the chest by Zabuza sending him flying, Kakashi made a mistake by going into the water, the water felt heavier than usual, Zabuza was able to then capture Kakashi in a water prison. Zabuza made another water clone and sent it out to kill Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura as they were now in the way. Kakashi urges them to run away with Tazuna but Sasuke knew that was impossible for them as that chance was over when Kakashi gotten himself captured. Sasuke wasn't fast enough and had gotten himself in the grasp of Zabuza's clone, during this time, Kakashi tells them of the incident that changed Mist Village's graduation exam. The Mist Villages graduation exam was very different from Leaf Village, where they had friends pitted against friends in a fight to the death, but one year one kid who wasn't even a ninja killed hundreds of that years students and that was Zabuza. This time the clone aimed for Naruto and kicked him sending him flying and his forehead protector disengaged from his head where his clone stepped on it saying that they were not ninjas but fakers. Naruto scared out of his wits was going to flee but when he slammed his left arm down he felt the pain and flashbacks of Iruka sensi giving him the protector and the time which he promised on the pain that he would not run away and wouldn't need anyone to help him. He attempts to attack Zabuza but was blocked and kicked but this time Naruto had grabbed his protector from underneath Zabuza. Naruto uses his shadow replica and they all attack Zabuza,he throws a Shuriken towards Zabuza, aiming for the real Zabuza but he catches this one but another Shuriken emerages in the shadow of the Shuriken, which Zabuza dodges easily. That shuriken then proved to be Naruto in disguised and he flings a kunai towards Zabuza, Zabuza dodging the kunai lets go of the prison and was going to slash Naruto but Kakashi stops him just in time.

Episode #9 Sharingan Kakashi

Kakasi has a special eye called the sharingan. It was developed from the eye of the hyuga clan. The sharingan was a bloodline limit ability which should have only been passed down to certain people in the uchiha clan. Kakashi is not from the Uchiha clan so we wonder how he got it it is said to been have surgically put in there, that is why he only has one. You never see it until chapter nine when Zabuza comes and picks a fight with him since gatoh wants to kill the man that kakaskhi and his team are protecting. when he uses the sharingan he is able to do any jutsu that a ninja does in this case it would be the water clone. they fight Zabuza and Kakashi and then Kakashi messes with Zabuzas mind in order to do the water fall technique wich almost kills Zabuza who is left in a near to death state by his companion. Naruto ghets pissed when the little kid about his age "killed Zabuza" and thats the end.

Episode #10 The Forest of Chakra

Episode 10: Zabuaza was just defeated by naruto and his friends. After defeating Zabuza a mysterious ninja named Haku came to retrieve the body of the fallen Zabuza. Naruto noticed that the mysterious ninja had enormous chakra(energy) which made Naruto feel very weak. Now after healing from his previous battle, Naruto continues his training in the forest with Sasuke. Meanwhile in another part of the forest Zabuza awakens, while Haku stands there watching..

Episode #11 The Country That Had a Hero

here in this episode we take naruto and his comrades to the country of the wave as we r here naruto meets a young boy who keeps insisting that he will fail on his mission and die. but the truth is that the reason the young kid is so sour is because his father was killed by the man who is after the bridgemaker( the person that naruto and his group r supposed to be protecting) well the boy thought tht his fathere was the absolute best so if he got defeated no one else may even stand a chance. well the father was a hero to the country of wavw. he saved them from floods to many other troubles. one day the antagoonist comes along and murders the father. the man called hero.

Episode #12 Battle at the Bridge! Zabuza Once Again!!

This episode starts off with team 7, Kakashi Sensei and Tazuna go to the bridge to finish building it. When they arrive they notice that all the men that were building the bridge had been injured or killed. Zabuza and Haku then shows up. Team 7 then protect Tazna because they know that Zabuza and Haku has come. They show up and Zabuza makes a few relipcations and surrounds team 7 and Zabuza. Sasuke starts to shake but then he grins. He kills all the replications in less than a minute and Zabuza tells Kakashi that his team has improved from the last time they had met. Then it shows that Haku starts to run towards Sasuke and attacks him. (Sasuke has improved with his speed).

Episode #13 Haku's Secret Jutsu: Demonic Ice

This episode starts off with two of Gatou's men go and find Inarli's mother to take her as Hostage to make Tazuna stop building the bridge. Inarli tries to help his mother but is too scared and he doesn't want to die. One of the men threatens Inarli but his mother say "Don't hurt him or I'll bite my tongue and die". The man stops and puts his sumari sword away. Inarli starts crying and thinking in his mind "I'm sorry mum I can't help you because I don't want to die and I'm scared". The two men take Inarli's mother away leaving Inarli sitting there crying. Then it shows Naruto running to the bridge because he had woken up late. He then see's a dead pig on the ground with an x marking on it. There was also two other trees with the x marking on them and he thought something was up so he headed back to Inarli's house.
Inarli then makes up his mind and goes to his mother's rescue. The two men says "It looks like we have to take care of this kid first." They went after him and Naruto came and saved Inarli and his mother. He then finishes off the two men with his replication technique.

Episode #14 Hyperactive No. 1, Naruto Joins the Battle!

In this episode, Haku and Sasuke are still fighting and then Haku tells Sasuke that he is already two steps infront and that he can't escape this technique he will be doin next. Sasuke then gets shocked. When Haku uses the water on the ground to make them turn into needles. (the technique is called 'Flying Water Needles' I think).Haku does this seal with only one hand and Kakashi gets shocked because techniques are not capable of being accomplished. But for Haku, it is simple. Sasuke then has to think quickly and think of a way to escape from this attack. Sasuke then looks back on the training he did in the forest. So he builds up his chakra and jumped in mid air. He escaped the technique. Haku was amazed. Haku then does his other technique that he definitely knows that Sasuke can't escape. The 'Demonic Ice Mirrors'. Haku then goes inside one of the mirrors and throws his needles at Sasuke. Sasuke can't keep up with Haku's speed and is injured a lot. Sakura hears Sasuke scream in pain and throws her Kunai knife to sasuke but Haku catches it. Then, a Kunai knife comes out of no where and cuts Haku's mask. It was Naruto. He yelled out "I am Uzumaki Naruto no. 1 ninja and I won't loose to you". Then Sasuke thinks of a plan. His plan was to make Naruto attack from the outside and Sasuke will attack from the outside. Then all of a sudden, Naruto is shown talking to Sasuke inside of Haku's technique. "Idiot. You were suppose to attack from the outside." Sasuke yells at him then Naruto applies “Well how am I supposed to know".

Episode #15 The Fight in Zero Visibility: The Sharingan Crumbles

Haku decides not to kill them straight away. Haku decides to torture them. Naruto keeps doing his replication technique to try and find the real Haku but can’t because Haku’s speed is unbelievably fast and both Naruto and Sasuke can’t keep p to is skills. After a while Sasuke can see his movements but not very clearly. Sasuke asks Naruto if he can still fight and Naruto says yes. So Sasuke tells Naruto to do his replication again. Sasuke then follows his movement and finding the right time to do his fire attack technique. (forget what it was called). He burns Haku’s clothing and Haku realizes that Sasuke is getting use to his movements and now he has to finish it. Naruto can’t take it anymore and goes unconscious.

Episode #16 The Released Seal

At this point Sakura is still trying to protect Tazuna, while Zabuza is making sure Kakashi does not try and help Sasuke and Naruto who are still fighting Haku in is Jutsu which is made of un- breakable ice mirriors.

Sasuke has figured a way to track the quick movements of Haku but only at the price of he and naruto being repeatily injured by his accupuncture needles. Haku has told them before he was not aiming at there vital organs because he too like them also shares a dream. Haku being of an advanced bloodline is obviously too much for the boys to handle. Sasuke continues to tell naruto to use Kage no bushin....Useless as Haku puts it. So Sasuke comes up with a plan for Naruto to escape outside of the mirrors( it's just to get Haku's attention off of him so he can watch his movements and use his fire attack against Haku) Naruto fails and is knocked unconcious....Sasuke picks up one of the needles thrown at him and defends himself and Naruto from further puncture wounds but he knows he cannot keep this up much longer.At this point Haku is pissed and begins to aim for vital organs...Sasuke tells Naruto " Get up, moron" and Naruto awakens he and Haku exchange words and Haku transports himself to all of the mirrors( sort of like a tri level stone henge of ice mirrors)and shots out his deadly needles.Sasuke still warding off the needles to protect himself and Naruto...Haku begins to see that he is doing this to protect Naruot and decides togo right after him, due to an unconcious naruto...Sasuke is basically done. Haku comments:Spectacular....Spectacular movement. You move very well.But this time I'll stop you.Your body, reflexes,ability to react....everything should already be ....at it's limit!!!!!

Sasuke finally sees his movements and saves himself and Naruto ,Then..Then...we see it....why the Uchiha( Sasukes dead clan) was so great, they had a spectacular bloodline...and there trait was .....THE SHARINGAN. Yes, Sasuke has those eyes. he is young so they do not work as well as Kakashi's one.Haku is shocked and a bit afraid...he now knows what and who is up against( Haku alos comes from a dead clan with an advanced bloodline)Haku marvels at his ability to even awaken the ability in battle due to the fact Sasuke is so young.He knows he must end the fight now or Sasuke will surely unleash the power.Haku goes after naruot instead Sasuke runs to him....

Back to Kakashi, Zabuza and Tazuna..Kakashi has blocked an attemted attack on Tazuna from Zabuzu, and is bleeding.Sakura stares on in sheer fright.
Zabuza: You were too slow, kakashi.Did your desire to save these brats cloud your mind and make the mist even thicker for your Sharingan? Even with that impressive eye, your abilites to read my movements is dimming. the mist grows thick and kakashi looses sight of Zabuza.

Flash to inner Sakura
saying that Hell No!! Sasuke cannot not be defeated......Naruto either.
agrees and begins to say Naruto is the number one, hyperactive, loudest ninja....and Sasuke is from the leaf's most outstanding clan.
Zabuza: You mean....
Kakashi: That's right...His name is Uchiha Sasuke.With the advanced bloodline of the Uchiha clan running through his veins he is a genius ninja.

Zabuza is shocked but he knows something they do not....about Haku. They are bothe from a dead clan and Haku has never been defeated using that Jutsu.Kakashi leaves Sakura and Tazuna to go finish things off with Zabuza.

Naruto awakens to see a seemingly defeated Haku but only to look up to Sasuke standing above him in a defensive stance yelling at him. naruto doesn't care because they won.....but
Sasuke: what's...what's with that face.you total moron.
naruto: Why did you save me.
Tears begin to well up in the boys eyes.
Sasuke: How should I know.i hated you.
naruto: But!!! Why?! Why me!!!? i never asked for your help!!!
Sasuke: I don't know, my body just moved on it's own. IDIOT!!!

Sasuke collapses into Naruto's arms
Sasuke: You!!!! don't die!!
Haku stands and begins to tell Naruto that in some way he was precious to Sasuke...and that he can expect to see many more of his friends die if he continues to seek to be a shinobi.Haku goes back into the mirror to prepare for the final bout between he and Naruot]
Naruto: Shut UP!!!! I won't forgive you!!
Haku sees that killing his friend was the wrong move. A mist forms around Naruto as he lays Sasuke down. A great tunnel of fire shoots straight up out of the boy....his Chakra is increasing. Naruto's face has changed his voice...something dangerous....the ki is dangerous, thick, not human. Haku peers through the flames only to see a crazed boy? with his eyes fixated upon him. The fire comes together and for a moment we see it that face, the face of a demon fox. Naruto is directly below this image of flames. His body is healing...the needles rejected from his body. Are those claws....Those eyes like a cats.

Zabuza and Kakashi sense the power and stop.Kakashi realizes what and who is making the chakra. His eyes widden in terror.Zabuza is still at a lost. Kakashi remembers that night that Iruka, Naruot and so many others lost families and friends....the night the nine tailed fox demon came to Leaf village. and was sealed inside his body by the third Hokage. That was it naruto had some how broke the seal on his tummy to keep the fox at bay within his body for the past twelve years.

Thr fire dissapaits...is that naruto!!! on all fours.....that face ....

Episode #17 The White Past, The Inner Feelings

The episode begins with Kakashi watching the Nine tail fox chakra flow out of Naruto.Then you see Naruto using all this red Chakra and attacking Haku while he is inside the Demonic Ice Mirror Jutsu. Then Haku throws needles at Naruto but Naruto deflects them away. After that, Naruto punches one of Haku's mirrors and it shatters, but Haku dodges it. BUT THEN Naruto catches Haku in one of the mirrors and knocks him out of the mirror and onto the misty bridge. The mirrors then shatter(all at the same time) and you see Naruto standing in the middle of the shattering. Naruto then charges at Haku with a ready fist meant to avenge Sasuke with all his chakra but then Haku's mask falls off and Naruto hesitates and stops right in front of Haku. Naruto then remembers that one boy he was talking to in the woods(whom by the way Naruto thought was a girl)was Haku. Haku then says"Why stop now I killed your precious friend,yet you can't kill me?" Then it shows Sasuke's lifeless body puncured with needle wounds everywhere. Naruto 's Chakra had disappeared but Naruto punched anyway and Haku tells him that he can't beat him with that. Then it gets all emotional and Haku says that people make that hesitation mistake all the time and that you should fight for someone precious to you. Then you see Kakashi flowing all this Chakra into his and just when Naruto is about to kill Haku Haku runs to Zabuza and diuby Kakasi'd Chakra fist. Jaku holds Kakshis fist and then Zabuza attempted to strike them both with the swoed. Kakashi is stuck by Haku but Kakashi takes Haku with him. Then Naruto tells Sakura that Sasuke is dead and she cries. Zabuza gets paral;yzed by bothg arms..

Episode #18 A Tool Called Shinobi.

Episode 18 - A Tool Called Shinobi Episode Summary Episode Summary for Episode 18 - A Tool Called Shinobi. Written by Itachi Haku stands still and quiet as he waits fo Naruto to finish him off. "Please, kill me now." Haku says. Naruto is angered by Haku's willingness to die so easily. He asks Haku why he is dying for Zabuza. Haku explains and tells Naruto to kill him. Naruto draws his kunai and begins running toward Haku. Meanwhile, Kakashi is running towards Zabuza. Haku stops Naruto's attack and disappears.Kakashi attacks Zabuza and blood flies in all directions. When the dog's disappeared, Kakashi was shocked to see Haku on the receiving end of the Lightning Blade. Haku grabs hold of Kakashi's arm and dies. Zabuza takes the oppurunity to try and slice through both Haku and Kakashi, but fails. Kakashi breaks free of Haku's grip and attacks Zabuza one last time. Meanwhile, Sakura and Tazuna stand in shock above Sasuke's body.Sakura sheds tears while Naruto clenches his chest. Kakashi stabs Zabuza's arm with two kunai's and just when it seemed over, Gaot shows up with a group of thugs and says "He's sure made a big mess of you, Zabuza." Please click here to add your own episode summary. Episode Summary for Episode 18 - A Tool Called Shinobi. Written by This episode starts off with Haku talking to Naruto. He says “when a person has something or someone precious to protect that is when they can become truly strong". He also asks “Why aren't you going to kill me? I killed an important person of yours but you aren't going to kill me". Naruto then tells Haku that Sasuke had a dream too and he starts crying. Haku tells Naruto about his past life and Naruto finds out that Haku had also had a very troubled life. Then Naruto punches Haku as hard as he could and Haku started tumbling to keep his balance and spits out blood then he asks "where has all that great chakra power gone? Haku tells Naruto that he was only a tool to Zabuza and now there is no use and no reason to be alive anymore and asks Naruto to kill him. Naruto yells at him telling him that he didn't have to work for Zabuza and doesn't have to be a tool neither. He also tells Haku that they could have been friends. Naruto doesn't convince Haku and Haku asks Naruto to kill. Back where Kakshi and Zabuza were fighting Zabuza is stuck because of the dogs that Kakashi had summoned. Kakashi then does his really powerful 'Chidori technique' and Zabuza gets shocked because he has never seen chakra being held before. Back to Naruto. Naruto takes out his Kunai knife and starts to run towards Haku. But Haku grabs Naruto's arm and Naruto then becomes confuse and shocked. Haku tells him that he one last thing to do before Naruto could kill him. Haku then disappears. While Naruto tries to look for Haku he sees Kakashi and Zabuza standing there and there was also someone else standing in front of Zabuza. Naruto stood there for a while and Sakura called out to him. “Naruto, where’s Sasuke?” Naruto then remembered about Sasuke and put his head down. Sakura then knew something was up and ran past Naruto to see Sasuke. Sakura started crying and talking to him. Naruto runs towards them and finds Haku standing in front of Zabuza. He gets shocked and so does Kakashi and Zabuza. Heaps and heaps of blood starts pouring out of Haku. Zabuza gives a grin and says "good work Haku" but Haku had already died during the attack. Zabuza then grabs his sword and swings it towards Kakashi with Haku still holding onto Kakashi's arm. Kakashi then jumps and dodges the attack. Kakashi gently puts Haku down on the ground and Zabuza goes after Kakashi again. Kakashi dodges all Zabuza’s attack. Zabuza seems to be getting slower. Then Kakashi stabs a kunai knife on his right and Zabuza’s arm is disabled. Then he tries to attack Kakashi with his other arm and Kakashi stabs another kunai knife in his left arm and now Zabuza can’t use both his arms.

Episode #19 Zabuza Disperses Into the Snow

All eyes are on Gato as he tells Zabuza that he never intended to pay him. Gato walks over to Haku's corpse and kicks him. Naruto is angered by his action and charges toward Gato, but is stopped by Kakashi. "He, He loved you and yet you don't care!" Naruto shouts at Zabuza. After a few words from Naruto, Zabuza finally sheds tears for Haku and admits that no shinobi can hide their emotions because they are all still human beings. Zabuza asks Naruto to hand him his kunai. Naruto throws his kunai at Zabuza and Zabuza catches the kunai with his mouth and charges towards Gato. Gato hides behind his men as they're stabbing him with their weapons. Zabuza manages to kill Gato and then turns to Haku and apologizes to him for everything he's done and then falls. The rest of the thugs attempt to attack Kakashi and his team, but Inari shows up with the villagers, and with the help of Naruto's and Kakashi's shadow clones, they scare away the thugs. Sasuke wakes up in time to witness Zabuza's demise. Zabuza requests that Kakashi places his body next to Haku's. As Kakashi is carrying Zabuza it begins to snow. Zabuza cries as he touches Haku's face and then he too dies as a ray of sun shines on the two. Team Kakashi bury Zabuza and Haku and say their goodbye's to Tazuna and return to Konoha. Tazuna decides to name the bridge, The Great Naruto Bridge.

Episode #20 New Saga Begins! It's the Chuunin Exam

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura meet with Kakashi the next morning. Naruto begs Kakashi for a harder mission, claiming that all of their previous ones have been too easy. Instead, Kakashi assigns them to pull up weeds in a local garden. Competing with Sasuke again, Naruto tries to pull more up than Sasuke. However, he accidentally pulls up the garden as well. Next, Kakashi assigns them to pick up litter. Naruto falls over the edge of the river, only to be saved by Sasuke. Afterwards, Kakashi assigns them to capture a guard dog. However, the guard dog drags Naruto into the electric fence. As they are walking back, Naruto accuses Sasuke of hogging the spotlight. Sasuke replies that Naruto should stop hogging the spotlight - if he did, he wouldn't need to be saved so often.

Kakashi decides to call it a day and Naruto turns to head away. As he is doing so, he sees a poorly concealed rock trying to follow him. He confronts it and finds Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon following him. They ask him to play ninja with them and he agrees. When Sakura approaches, Konohamaru asks Naruto if she is his girlfriend. Angered, Sakura punches Naruto and then beats up the kids. As they turn to run, Konohamaru runs into two strangers, who are foreign ninjas. When they pick up Konohamaru, Naruto asks them to let the kid go. However, they refuse, angry at the disrespect from them. When the stranger goes to punch Konohamaru, Sasuke distracts him by throwing a rock. The stranger challenges Sasuke, but before he can fight, a child named Gaara steps in and asks them to break it up. Meanwhile, the Hokage announces that the Chuunin examination will take place in seven days

Episode #21 Name Yourselves! The Arriving Opponents!!

Gaara reprimands Kankurou for coming to the village and starting something with these kids. Kankurou apologizes to him. Sasuke is haunted by Gaara’s evil eyes, while Gaara is impressed that Sasuke could hit Kankurou’s hand so easily with a rock. The three are Genins of the Hidden Village of the Sand from the Country of Wind. They came to this village to take the Chuunin exam. Before they walk away, Sasuke and Gaara exchange names and hard looks.

Hokage-sama calls forth Kakashi, Kurenai, and Asuma to step forth and asks if there are any Genins amongst their groups that should be entered in the exam. Any Genin who has completed more than eight missions is eligible through their recommendations. Kakashi recommends Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura. Kurenai recommends Hyuuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, and Aburame Shino. Finally, Asuma recommends Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru, and Akimichi Chouji. Iruka steps forth, and challenges Kakashi’s recommendations. He doesn’t believe that Naruto is ready yet. Kakashi stands by his recommendations, and to appease Iruka, Hokage-sama offers to put the rookie Genins through a special preliminary exam. The next morning, Kakashi presents his ninjas with applications for the Chuunin exam. Both Naruto and Sasuke are ready to accept, but Sakura has doubts.

After Naruto finishes his missions, he meets Konohamaru and group and offers to play with them. Suddenly, a ninja appears from behind, grabs Moegi, and heads off. Naruto heads after the ninja, who is looking for the first Hokage’s Scroll of Sealing. He won’t let Moegi go until he has it. Naruto is able to use his replication technique and free Moegi.

Meanwhile, Sasuke asks Sakura if she’d like to take a walk with him. He doesn’t think she’s ready for the Chuunin exam and should give up. She’s thrilled that he’s worried about her. A ninja attacks and soon Sasuke is pinned to the ground with knives. The ninja tells her to give up before the Chuunin exam or that could happen to her. She tells him that she sees through his illusion and that the real Sasuke would not have invited her for a walk. She also tells him that she knows he’s an illusion as well, and that the real him isn’t even here. He tests her by throwing a large stick, but she walks right into it and it disappears.

The ninja, Iruka in disguise, reports back to Kakashi that all nine rookies passed the preliminary exam.

Inside the school, a couple of bully Chuunin exam entrants throw up an illusion attack and give several of the rookies a hard time. Sasuke confronts them, praising Sakura’s analyzing skills and illusionary technique know-how, in the process. The main bully and Sasuke go at it, but another Genin named Rock Lee steps in and stops their attacks. Everyone introduces themselves and they go ahead with the application process. The bullies transform back into examiners.

Episode #22 Spirited! Rocking Challenge Right Now!

Two what looked like Genin level ninjas used GenJutsu to change second floor to look like third floor but this attempt fails as Sasuke and Sakura saw right through it. When the illusin was stopped one of the two ninjas launched a punch towards Sasuke and he launches a kick. Rock Lee one of the members who were earlier bullied by the two, blocks the attacks with his arms. When they had left, TenTen and Neji, Rock Lee's two team mates stood up, there were no traces of injuries. As Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto leaves, we see the two earlier ninjas transform into their real forms, they were moderators and wanted to hold their own unofficial test. In another scene, Lee challenges Sasuke to a fight so he can test his TaiJutsu out. Lee tries to show his affection for Sakura by throwing "kisses" at her but Sakura franticly dodges them as if her life depended on it. Naruto interferes as he got jealous of all the attention Sasuke was getting and without thinking he ran forward to Lee but he blocked his attack and kicked Naruto spinning to the wall, Naruto fell unconscience. The battle between Lee and Sasuke was hectic, even as Sasuke uses the power of the sharingan he could not dodge Lee's assults. Lee was about to use another attack when they were stopped by what looked like a gaint turtle, by this time Naruto reawakens. Lee tells Sasuke that he was lieing the fact that he was the best out of his team mates, it is Neji who was their #1 rookie last year. They incounter Lee's sensi, Guy, he didn't punish Lee but you could tell that Guy was Lee's idol as his hairstyle were alike. Lee left with Guy while Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto went off to hand their slips in.

Episode #23 Defeat the Rivals! The Rookie Nine All Assembled!

The episode starts off with the three genins conversing with Kakashi. Right behind Kakashi stands the door to the room where all genins who are to take the exam were assembled. Kakashi was telling them how proud he was that they all had decided to take the Chuunin exam. He also explained about the part where he deliberately did not tell them that if ever one of them decides to not take the exam, the other two won't be able too since it is required to be in a group of 3 upon taking the exam. After that, Kakashi then bids them farewell and good luck and the three went inside the room, a scene of hundreds of messily assmebled genins greeted them in sight. All the while Kakashi was left standing outside the room, leaning against the door. He then reminisces the previous conversation he'd had with the other jounins including Iruka-sensei and Guy. They latter told off Kakashi for having consented the three into entering the exam. They told him that they were too young and inexperienced and that like what Guy's group did, they should wait fro a year to hone their ninja skills before taking the chuunin exam. There was this expression on his face that tells that he wasn;t too sure if he had made the right decision. The scene then shifts off back to the room of genins. The three had them met some of them including the silver-haired guy (Kabuto) who was quite good at controlling his chakra and putting them into cards that would reveal information on selected people. This caught Sasuke's attention and asked about Rock Lee and Gaara. After a while, we see Sakura saying about how she notices Naruto's odd behaviour and trembling. She then went to encourage him but when she came near him, Naruto looked up and, facing the whole room of genins, shouted atop his lungs his name. All the attention focused to Naruto.Kakashi hearing this from the outside smiled. Even Sasuke did. Sakuram however, was embarassed and tried to choke Naruto to death. The scene then shifts off to these othere genins, a guy with a furry coat to be precise, who mumbled something about pay time. The guy disappeared in a blur and rounded around the room and began attacking Kabuto. Sasuke and the others clearly saw that Kabuto had evaded the attack. But then they were surprised when Kabuto's glasses broke off and start spitting blood. The guy with the furry coat is then seen standing among the other genins and told him that her should include in the information cards that he has that the genins from the Ottouhan village (a newly stated village) are going to pass the chuunin exam. The commotion was cut short when a group of people pop out of thin air in front of the room and told them that they were the examiners and commenced the chuunin exam.

Episode #24 I Fail Already? The Extremely Difficult First Exam

To start off the Chuunin selection exam, Naruto discovers that there will be a written test. (scaring the **** out of him ^_^) When all of the students are given the test, they learn how the point system works: there are 10 questions, and each person starts off with 10 points. every wrong answer will take off 1 point, and every time they are caught cheating, 2 points will be subtracted. Only 9 questions will be given at the beginning, and after 45 min. (1 hour is alloted for the test) the 10th question will be given. Anyone with 0 points at the end of the test will fail. Those caught cheating stupidly will fail. And finally...if anyone fails, so does their entire team! Upon hearing this, Sasuke and Sakura are terrified, as they don't expect Naruto to get any points.

When the students are given their tests, Naruto realizes that he can't do any of the problems at all! Moreso, if he tries to cheat, he will end up failing his entire team! However, unknown to Naruto, Sasuke and the rest of the students are also unable to answer the questions. Then, Sasuke realizes that if only 2 points are deducted for being caught cheating, then it could be worth it to cheat! Also...he remembers that the examiner said "Those caught cheating STUPIDLY will be failed." Then he realizes that this test is not to test their knowledge, but rather to test their cheating abilities!

However, one person does not realize this: Naruto. Keeping his pride, he turns down an offer to cheat from Hinata, who is sitting right next to him. Then, with time running out and a completely blank paper, he reaches his conclusion: He'll put all of his effort into the mysterious 10th question!

Episode #25 This is it! The Last Stand, Question #1

The episode starts out with all of the remaining Genin getting ready for the 10th question. Kankuro comes back from the bathroom and gives his teammate Temari the answers to the first 9 questions. Morino Ibiki (the proctor of the 1st exam) gives a choice of staying or leaving for the 10th question. Some squads leave and the rest stay. Sakura has a flashback about Naruto always saying that he wants to be Hokage of Konohagure. Sakura doesn't want it to be taken away from him, so she gets ready to raise her hand. Naruto raises his shaking hand instead. He then slams it down and yells, "DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME! I'M GONNA BE THE NEXT HOKAGE! BELIVE IT!" He sits down and crosses his arms. Ibiki asks Naruto one last time, and he still refuses to give up. The other teams have enough confidence. 'Seventy-eight teams.. More than I expected.' is what Ibiki thinks. However, he continues with the exam. He says that they all pass the first exam. He then explains that there was never a written 10th question. Eventually, someone breaks through the glass. 'Not her.. Not now.' is what Ibiki thinks. The person introduces herself as Mitarashi Anko, the proctor of the 2nd exam. Sakura thinks that she's another Naruto. Ibiki explains that she's early again. With a scene shift, we go to Training Area 44... Also known as The Forest of Death. Anko explains that they have to get either a Heaven scroll or a Earth scroll. With another scene shift, Ibiki sees Naruto's paper. He notices that he didn't answer a single question, which means he was sitting there the whole time being scared. Well, anyway, Ibiki says, "Naruto Uzumaki. He's a funny kid..."

Episode #26 Must Watch! Report Before Entering the Forest of Death!

For about a half hour before the episode actually gets anywhere with the chuunin exam, there are some basic introductions to all the characters big and small. The reintroduction of everything (which happens in all anime, basically) is made much smoother by Konohamaru saying he has to review all this stuff for his school report. Supposedly the Hokage told Anko (the next examiner) to make the genins cooperate. There are re-statements of all the key elements in the ninja world, like chakura, ninjitsu, the ways of the shinobi etc.

Finally the report is over and Anko opens the gate to the Forest of Death, explaining that all the teams are supposed to fight over two kinds of scrolls: the scrolls of heaven, and the scrolls of earth. Hlf the teams will get the scrolls of heaven, and the other half get scrolls of earth.

But in order for your team to pass the exam, it must present both a scroll of heaven AND a scroll of earth. So in other words, they have to steal a scroll from another team, and keep their own scroll from being stolen. All this in a maximum of 120 hours [five days]. Of course there are man eating beasts and poisonous gross stuff, otherwise they wouldn't call it the forest of death.

Later when they've entered the forest, Naruto goes for a piss behind the bushes, and when he comes out, he has his holster on his left leg. Sakura doesn't notice, but Sasuke sees it instantly, and they start to fight..sasuke claiming that the person is not naruto. He's right. Sasuga Sasuke-kun! He's pretty AND smart!

Yeah. End of summary.

Episode #27 The Second Exam Starts! Surrounded Completely by Enemies!

After the group pick a password that is very long they start to head out but just as Narotu gets up a big blast of wind hits them. Sasuke and Sakura hide in the brush and a person comes out. It's a guy and he uses a jutsu that allows the two to see their deaths. It freaks them out so much that they can't move. The guys about to kill them when Sasuke stabbes himself to move and they run for it. Naruto is just getting up from the blast and sees a huge snake. The snake eats him he uses the replication clone and bursts through the snake. Sasuke and Sakura are hiding but he finds them. He is inside the snake when he attacks Sasuke and Sauke hits him with his shurkins. The snake dies and shows the man coming out of the snake. Hes about to attack Sasuke when Naruto shows up stoping him (the man is Ochumaru)

Episode #28 Eat or be Eaten! Naruto Becomes Bait

This eps. starts of with Sasuke handing the scroll to Orochimaru. Naruto wont stand for this and grabs the scroll before Orochimaru can get it and hits Sasuke in the face. Naruto tells him he is a coward and an itiot because Sasuke is the one how doesn't understand. Orochi. says Naruto your corret I will kill you all. Then he summons a giant snake and hits Naruto sending him up into the trees causeing him to spit out blood. Naruto then falls down and is about to be eaten by the snake but then he changes into the other form with the diffrent eyes. He goes bersurk and hits the snake numrous times causing the snake to hit the tree branches. Naruto attacks again but Orochi. hits him with the fire tech. sending Naruto falling down on a tree branch. Orochi. knows that Naruto is the 9 tails. Then he thinks this is very interesting and attacks Sasuke but before the big snake could strick Sasuke Naruto stops him calling Sasuke a scardy-cat then Orochi. grabs Naruto with his toung and holds Naruto and does the five seal part sealing the 9 tails chakra completely.

Episode #29 Naruto Strikes Back! I'm Not Going to Run Away!

Orochimaru has taken part in the chunin exams without anyone noticing his skills are at least S-rank but his goal here today is Uchiha Sauske. he has him and his teammate Sakura trapped. After seeing their own deaths, sauske is paralyzed by fear unable to move. he thinks to himself " its either the scroll or us i have to give it to him...".
he tosses the scroll into the air, but naruto appears out of nowhere and catches the scroll in midair. "Sauske what are you doing!!" he screams. "Naruto give him the scroll NOW!" sauske screams back. "NO."naruto replies sternly"you cant be the real sauske because hes not a coward"
"Orochimaru summons a giant serpant it nearly reaches sauske and sakura, luckily naruto comes and defeats it easily. his seal is beginning to brake open again slowly, orochimaru notices this.
naruto begins to attack orochimaru no matter what he did they were almost evenly matched. suddenly he grabs naruto and swings him upside down with his tongue. he lifts narutos shirt dispite his screams of anger. "ahh so your seal has surfaced" he hisses then performs the five elemental seal and locks the demons chakra from getting to naruto, knocking him unconcious. with naruto out of the way he can continue with the other two. he tosses naruto aside only thanks to sakura did naruto not hit the ground. "sauske why didnt you help him" she screamed. sauske began to move thinking of nothing more than how to defeat orochimaru.

Episode #30 Revive, Sharingan! Finish Move - Fire Element, Dragon Fire Technique!

Sasuke and Naruto are both hurt and are sleeping or outcold or something.
Sasuke was bitten but Orochimaru and has that seal on his neck. and Naruto was just badly injured by Orochimaru. Sakura is watching over them under this big tree root thing. But she doesnt know that some ninjas from Orochimaru's village (sound) were watching her and they decide to kill them. Later on Sakura sees a squirrel coming towards her but she throws her kunai in front of the squirrel making it run away. She didnt know there was an explosion note on the squirrel. she only threw the kunai at it because it was about to step on the trap she set up for any ninja's.
-Now to Neji, Rock lee and tenten. They split up to look for other groups with scrolls. Rock lee is leaping threw trees and is thinking of Sakura. Then some leaves fall off a tree that he jumped on. so he thinks...''if i can catch 20 leaves before they fall on the ground, Sakura will begin to like me!'' so he starts catching all the leaves. now he's at 19 and theres still one leaf left. but then he sees a squirrel with an explosion note on it and saves the squirel instead of catching the last leaf.
-now back to Sakura-
The sound group gets tired of waiting and decideds to attack now. so they come and Sakura see them so she cut this clear string and giant logs came falling from above but the Dosu(one of the sound ppl) easily blows them up.and they find sakuras trap on the ground. Sakura is scared and doesnt know what to do. but lucky for her Rock lee comes to help her! and then he says.."Sakura i will protect you untill i die" and stuff

Episode #31 Super Eyebrow Platonic! I Will Protect You to the Death!!

Sakura is looking after Naruto and Sasuke after their fight with Orochimaru but is finding it hard keeping awake from the strain she is under. Mean while Neji's team splits up to gather food and water. The sound ninjas have taken position in the tree tops by where Sakura is taking care of Naruto and Sasuke and are planning an attack to try and eliminate Sasuke while they have the chance. They attempt to blow Sakura and co. up with an explotion tag attached squirrel but she scares it away before it gets close enough. The sound ninjas wonders if she could have seen the tag but figures she couldn't have and there was another reason behind her scaring it off. Meanwhile while training catching leaves to win Sakura's heart, Lee sees the squirrel about to explode and saves it in the nick of time but making him suspicious of whats going on around him. At the time Neji has stumbled apon Ino's team who though hidding have obviously been spotted by Neji. He tells them to come out though not revealing he knows their exact location. Ino and crew jump out with plan 2 after plan 1 (hidding as quickly as possible) fialed. They suck up realy badly and Ino trys to suduce him but he just says;"Oh its you three." followed shortly by "Begone" so the three run off. Mean while Sakura is growing ever sleepier and the sound ninjas reveal themselves to her seeing she is weak and her team mates helpless. She gets ready to defend herself and questions them about the mark on Sasuke's neck and Orochimaru. This puzzles the sound ninjas but now knowing this they declares that they will kill all three. They also reveal that the knife she trew earlier was not because she had seen the explosion tag but was so the squirrel would not set off the trap she had layed. The three jump into the air towards her but she cuts the cord of another trap and a log swings from the ceiling to hit them. Unfortunatly one of the sound ninjas destroys it by placing his hand on it and forming a seal which causes it to shatter away. But as they are hurteling towards her in jumps Lee with a "Konoha Whirlwind" sending the three hurteling to the ground. Lee repeats the fact that he would protect Sakura with his life and then stands ready to protect her. Now one of the sound ninjas who has bandages rapped round his head covering all but one eye leaps forwards revealing a metal gauntlet with holes on his right arm as he charges for Lee but before he can reach Sakura makes him jump to the air with a knife and then Lee pulls a tree root from the ground up right in the sound ninja's path forcing him back as Lee says,"Your attack has some sort of trick to it, right?" showing his reasoning to want to keep him back. Now all but Lee from Neji's team have returned to their meating point so the other two head off looking for him. There is a breif flash back showing Lee's learning of the Lotus and also Ino's team has caught site of the battle going on. Lee losens the bandages from his arms ready to use the lotus on the sound ninjas. THe same sound ninja as before charges but Lee moves to quicklty and with a chick to the ninja's chest from beneath the ninja is hurteling upwards with Lee not far behind. Lee's bandages rap round the ninja and Lee puts his arms round him to and begins their decent to the ground with the secondary lotus as he starts rotating the two of them. As this is going on though one of the other sound ninjas begins to form seals and punches his fists into the ground sending 2 mole hile like paths under the ground heading to where the secondary lotus is about to hit the ground. This creates a spongy patch of ground which cussions the blow of the secondary lotus saving the first sound ninja who now has the advantage as Lee is slightly worn out allready from the amount of energy needed to use the move. The sound ninja reveals his gauntlet again and charges at Lee once more swipping for him but just missing. Strangly although he missed Lee begins to fel woozy and dizzy his vision blurring. With this he falls to his knees weakened as the Sound ninjas now have a hugh uper hand....

Episode #32  Sakura Blooms! Showing Her Back in Determination

It start's off when Sukra look's at Lee on the ground . The sound ninga say time to end it , to Lee, when Sukra says that's what you think then she thorws' 4 or 5 kuin ninves . And he block's it. Then he siad ,ah I almoust fogot about you . Lee was on the ground in pain while the sound ninga was charging at Sukra and giting redey to attact. Then Sukra pulls' out a kuin nive to defeand her self . Then Lee get's up ran fast then he tryed a kick him but it didn't work since his ears hurt. Then Lee fainted. Then the other ninga sid let's have some fun and kill them alredy . Then right when Zuak was about to kill Sasuke Sukra was about to get up when the feamale sound ninga grabs Sukra's hair and starts yeaking it . She try's to make her let go of her hair.But it did'nt work. Then she insult her hair. Then start's to cry on the ground rember's how Sasuke , Naruto and Lee were always part of the action . When she fle runway or just wacth. Then she gets covendent and said in her head that it no caving. Then Sukra pull out a kuni nive . The female sound ninga says please you think will work on me.Then with a smile on her face Sukra said it's not for you then she takes her weapen and cuts her hair just to survive . Then feamale sound ninga try's to get her with sipin she did a subatite justu. She was in shock . She kept using the same justu . Then the third time he threw 2 kuni nives at her legs . She did the hand sings but not the justu. She tricks him . Then she landed him on the ground biting him on the arm.He started to punch on the head. Then Ino was behind the bushs wathing and rembers when they were little . And Ino was crying a little. Then the ninga punch Sukra on the agina a she tumbled off. Then he said your going to get now . Then when he was about to stire Ino team gose in front of her and gives a helping had . That's the end of the epiosod.

Episode #33 The Ultimate Formation! Ino Shika Ch

In this episode Sasuke has a dream how he wasn't strong enough to protect his clan. Then we come back to Sakura, Ino and her teammates who are protecting Sakura. Choji saw that the sound ninja are too strong and he to run away. Zaku said better a live sheep than a dead lion right FATSO!! Choji told him to say it again and Zaku said again and then Choji got all mad and say Who are you calling fat! The all of a sudden Sasuke woke up with the curse marks on him. He ask Sakura "Sakura who did this to you?" She ask him what's happening he said he's fine and said again Which of these people did this to you. Zaku said it was him and Sasuke turn to Zaku. The marks on him has covered his whole face. Zaku started to use his technique and so did Sasuke. When Sasuke was done with Zaku he went to Dosu. But Sakura ran up and hug him. Sasuke saw that Sakura had tears in her eyes so the curse disappeared. As the episode end Shikamaru and Choji went up to Narutoand saw him saying he will protect Sakura.

Episode #34 Akamaru Surprised! Gaara's Exceptional Ability

Naruto awakens with a hit on the head by Choji. He immediately tells everyone to drop as Orochimaru must be in the air. Naruto immediately notices Sakura cut her hair and asks what happened. She says it’s a new image. Then Naruto asks why ShikaInoChoji is there. Sakura then replies that they helped them out. Tenten arrives and awakens Lee. She explains that Sasuke drove the Sound nin away then lectures him on stepping in by himself. Tenten is certain that if he didn’t act alone, he wouldn’t have lost. Still groggy and unaware of what just happened, Naruto makes fun of Lee. Sakura flips out. She then thanks Lee for helping. Lee vows to become stronger and that when they next meet, he will be stronger. Meanwhile, Sasuke can’t believe Lee lost to the Sound nin he just beat. As the commotion dies down, Ino offers to fix Sakura’s hair, while Neji looks down at Sasuke from the trees, certain that he is a powerful rival.

Kiba watches over Akamaru who has been shaking and crying for the last 12 hours… ever since that incident. Kiba and team were happily making their way to the tower after getting their final scroll. They stopped and Hinata used a Byokugan to spot Gaara about 1 km away. Kiba was a bit too sure of himself and decides to go after the other team. He tells his teammates that he only wants to observe. If the other team is too tough, they’ll just leave quietly. However, even before they arrive, Akamaru senses Gaara’s chakra and becomes extremely frightened. Meanwhile, 3 Hidden Valley of Rain nins challenge Gaara. The main Rain nin does Ninpou Jouro senbon! (Sprinkling Needles) to send hidden needles at Gaara. Gaara emerges from the attack unscathed, his sand acting as a shield. The Rain nin tries again, but again, the sand catches the needles. Gaara vows to make it rain blood. Kankuro explains that Gaara controls the sand inside the gourd. He hardens it with an enormous amount of Chakra. Only Gaara can use it, and he uses it to protect his body. Regardless of Gaara’s will, the sand shields him, so all attacks are nullified.

The Rain nin is now pissed and charges. Gaara does Desert Coffin , and the sand engulfs the Rain nin so he can’t move. Gaara slowly walks towards him with one of the Rain nin’s umbrellas and shields himself as he lifts the sand cocoon up and does Desert Funeral. The cocoon explodes, killing the sound nin. He assures the remaining Rain nins that their teammate felt no pain. The blood and tears then mix with his sand to further fuel the war. The remaining Rain nins then give him their Scroll of Heaven and plead for their lives, but Gaara repeats Desert Funeral, killing them. Kiba’s team flees from their hiding place.

Meanwhile, Gaara spots Kiba’s team and tells his teammates he hasn’t had enough. Kankura tries to talk sense into him. They only need one set of scrolls. He demands Gaara listen to his older brother once in a while. Gaara tells the two that he’s never thought of them as siblings. And if they get in his way, he’ll kill them. His big sister then attempts to calm him down. Gaara powers up, ready to use a sand attack on Kiba’s team, but another plea from his sister calms him. Gaara then walks away, as Kiba’s team narrowly escapes.

At the tower, Kiba’s team waits. Kiba admits that Akamaru said that the big guy is going to get killed by the kid from the Sand. The puppy is still shaking. The team hears voices and they see Gaara’s team waiting at the tower. They’ve already been waiting for 12 hours.

Meanwhile, Anko tries to explain that they can’t cancel the Chuunin exam. Another instructor comes in with a video tape of Gaara’s fight. He explains that 1 hour and 37 minutes after the exam started, Gaara’s team had finished. They finished in 97 min, breaking the old record by 4 hours. Anko is especially impressed that not only did they make it in that short of a timeframe, but Gaara is unharmed, a feat impossible for most Chuunins

Episode #35 Absolutely No Peaking! The Secret of the Scroll

It all started on the fourth day of the exam, Naruto and company hunt for food, they even used their skill to catch some fish. While they're waiting for the fish to be cooked, Sasuke talked to Sakura that they must have the white scroll as soon as possible since it was burned by Orochimaru on the previous days. Sasuke asked for an excuse to fetch some water. As he left, Naruto is looking on their black scroll since he was worried about on how to get the other scroll, he planned to cheat, like making another look-alike scroll. But Sakura stopped him. She explained the seal says it all. Then next thing that comes to Naruto's mind was to open the black scroll which is strictly prohibited. Meanwhile on the other side of the field, 3 examinees took a rest and their leader tried to look some food to each since all of them are tired and hungry. One of them tried to open the scroll same thing as Naruto is doing. When they tried to open it, all of a sudden, they shouted. Their leader suddenly became worried so he went back to check them. But its too late, his two teammates are left unconscious. Going back to Naruto's place, he was about to open it. Suddenly out of nowhere came Kabuto. He stopped them. He explained how dangerous it is to open. There's a hypnotizing script inside the scroll that will make them unconscious and as they woke up, they'll forbidden to take ninja exam for life. When Sasuke came, he saw Kabuto he thought his teammates were in danger. Kabuto explained that they should aware of their surrounding, there might be someone spying them. The spy realized that he have been noticed watching and he suddenly rushed away. Sasuke tried to ask for a fight since Kabuto showed the two scrolls but he just said, ninjas dont even ask for a fight just to get something. They'll suddenly attack their opponent.

Kabuto guided them on their way. Since he's a veteran, he told them that the more you get closer to the tower, the dangerous it is. There's no problem in looking for opponents as you go closer to the tower for sure they are just around waiting for them. Sasuke just realized why Kabuto was helping them. Kabuto needs companion since he cant make it alone on the tower.

They are near to the tower, Kabuto told them to be careful. He knows that many opponents are just watching them. He explained that there also the enemies aside from those examinees, there are some called the collectors. Collectors kill those examinees and get the scroll. They used the scroll for their need. Sometimes they can sell it to others.

Naruto got almost killed when he stepped on the string when suddenly lot of daggers appeared going to strike Naruto, Kabuto covered Naruto and the daggers striked Kabuto's back. Using his technique same with Orochimaru, they tought Kabuto was dead suddenly the dead body turned into a log and noticing Kabuto was just on the other side. Later on, Sakura got exhausted and she feels like they're just walking around on the same place. She thought they're near to the tower but howcome they keep on walking like for almost long way. They just noticed that they fall under the trap of Genjutsu (illusion technique). It was Kori Shinchuu no jutsu. A technique that causes enemy to travel around in circles wherein if they were unable to detect the illusion, they might end up being exhausted since they are walking the same path over and over. Then the enemy casted another Genjutsu technique which Kasumi Juusha no jutsu. It creates false ninjas that can attack Naruto anytime. They ended up being surrounded by those false ninjas.. What will happen next?

Episode #36 Replication Match! I'm the Main Character!

In this episode Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kabuto are still in the forest. They are caught in an illusionary tactic by some rival ninja. They are attacking with fake shadow clones that when hit give the appearance of melting instead of vanishing. Naruto challenges them with his own shadow clones until he is almost worn out. The crew and Naruto have a plan though. Naruto turn three of his clones into his team mates so they can hide. The ninjas come out to finish them off and naruto makes the clones vanish when the remainder of his crew pop up behind the ninjas. Sasuke tells Naruto that he'll take it from here, but Naruto won't hear of it. He tell Sasuke that he isn't getting all the glory for this one and punches the three ninjas in one hit causing a domino effect. Everyone if suprised that Naruto still had enough energy to fight. They collect the needed scroll of heaven and head for the tower. Kabuto separates from them to go with his own crew which commences to tell him how late he is. They all enter their own doors and read a billboard thats on the far wall. Credits.

Episode #37 Second Exam Completed! All of Them are Here, the Rookie Nine!

In this Episode the three man crew has entered the tower. Sakura is trying to decifer a billboard with a message on it. As best she can gather she thinks it is saying something about opening the scrolls. Sakura and Naruto are sweating while contemplating opening the scrolls. They look at each other for a minute before they open them together. The scrolls start to bubble in the center and Sasuke tells them that it's a summoning charm and to throw them. They throw them across the floor and they land in an X position. Their faces can't be decribed when the smoke from the charm clears and they see Iruka standing there. Iruka tells them that they passed the second exam. He then tells them that he is gonna treat them to ramen. Then Naruto goes nuts as only Naruto can do at the mention of Ramen. He is jumping up and down when Iruka tells him he is still hyper. Sasuke just stands there thinking how much of an idiot Naruto is, and Sakura has a puzzled look on her face. She askes Iruka about the Board on the wall. He explaines that Heaven is your brain and Earth is your body. If you have Brains then you need to work hard to posess strenth in body (Directed towards Sakura). If you have Body then you need to work hard to posses knowledge (directed at Naruto). If you have both then dangerous missions become more easy (directed at Sasuke). He then escorts them to the main hall where the Jeninn giving the test are along with the Hokage for the next test. Credits.

Episode #38 Those Who Pass Cut Down to Half!? It's an Unexpected Fight!!
This episode begins with the now remaining chuunins. They are all told of a 3rd exam. This exam is like no other up to this point, few of these "chuunin" have yet had to kill. The main point of this exam is Life or Death! Everyone will have a randomly chosen one-on-one match. All remaining chunnin are given the choice to quit in the beginning of the exam. All stay but one, Kabuto (the spy from the hidden village of sound, also hired by Orochimiru(evil snake guy, first appears in chunnin exam)) Sasuke is in a massive amount of pain from the "bruise"(as Sakura likes to call it) also know as a Cursed Seal...Sakura is mind-set on telling the teachers about this "bruise" but Sasuke doesn't let her. Now that everyone is ready to begin this exam, a screen opens up on the wall, it shows the first two fighters names. And guess who it is...Sasuke and a guy off of kabuto-sans team!! Before the round starts all other persons in the room are advised to go up to the balcony. While on his way up to the balcony Kakashi sensei is worried about Sasuke and tells him not to use his Sharingan, knowing it could cause his pupils death. Sasuke also comes to the conclusion that it only hurts when he tries to mold chakra. He now knows hes got himself quite a difficult fight ahead of him. the rest is for you to see!!

Episode #39 Super Eyebrows Jealous "Lion Combo" is Born!

This episode starts off in the midst of a fight between Uchiha Sasuke and one of the generic sound ninja spies. The fight starts out by the sound ninja gathering an energy to his hand and putting it on Sasuke's head. The glowing in his hand turns out to drain an opponent's chakra if the hand is touching them. Sasuke gets schooled for a minute having pretty much all of his chakra drained. Sasuke then whips out his version of Rock Lee's forbidden attack. It starts with a kick into the air and Sasuke appears behind generic sound ninja, and that is the part he copied from Rock Lee. Its all original from there. Shishi Rendan (Lion Combo) is pretty much Sasuke just beating the generic nin in mid air then as he hits the ground is a rolling kick that looks like it about snapped generic nin in half. Sasuke wins. The next fight is annoucnced the combatants are Zaku Abumi(the dude who got his arms broken by Sasuke) and Aburame Shino(the bug dude). Aburame Shino starts off the fight by warning Zaku that if he paticipates in this match he will never fight again. Immediately after saying this Aburame gets beaten down by Zaku. By this point Kakashi has taken Sasuke to a room in the back to put a seal on the cursed seal that Sasuke recieved from Orochimaru. After finishing the seal Kakashi informs Sasuke that the strength of the seal comes from Sasuke's own will to keep it under control. Orochimaru shows up in the room with Sasuke and Kakashi. Orochimaru and Kakashi talk trash to each other and prepare to fight next week.

Episode #40 A Touch-and-Go Situation! Kakashi VS Orochimaru

The episode opens with Kakashi putting the evil suppresser seal on Sasuke. As Kakashi finishes, Orochimaru appears and tells Kakashi why he is here. Then it switches over to the fight between Zaku (a Sound Ninja) and Shino. Zaku fights with his left arm and Sound Cutter Shino, but it turns out Shino is fine. At this point Shino offers Zaku a deal, to quit now so he can fight next year. Zaku sees the bugs that have him cornered and then he flashbacks to his first time meeting Orochimaru and then decides to show his trump card. Zaku busts out both of his arms and showshe can blast both Shino and the bugs away. As Zaku does this his arms explode. Shino tells Zaku he ordered the bugs to sneak into the arm holes and plug them. Zaku lays there and Shino is declared the winner. The episode ends with Kankurou starting his match against a hidden leaf ninja.

Episode #41 Rivals Clash! The Hearts of the Girls are in Serious Mode

The episode starts off with the match between Kankuro and Tsurugi Misumi. Both tell each other at the start of the battle that they will end this match quickly. Kankuro removes the enormous bundle on his back but Misumi doesn't waste any time. He strikes Kankuro with his arm but Kankuro blocks it with his wrist. Occupying one of his arms, Misumi wraps his entire body around Kankuro, imobolizing him (sort of reminds me of Luffy and his rubber body). Misumi tells Kankuro that he can take his joints off their hinges and use his chakra to loosen his body. Misumi has one of his arms wrapped right around Kankuro's neck. He threatens to strangle Kankuro until his neck breaks if he doesn't give up and surrender. It seems as though Misumi is in the upperhand of the battle but Kankuro seems nonplussed by it all. Misumi continues to strangle him until Kankuro's neck snaps. Everyone is stunned, it seems that Misumi has won.
However right at that moment, Kankuro's head swirls back in place facing Misumi and in shock Misumi sees that it isn't Kankuro at all but instead a marionette. "Kankuro" declares that it's his turn,and marionette reveals itself wrapping it's arms around Misumi. Suddenly emerging from the bundle of bandages is the real Kankuro. Strings attached to the marionette are what Kankuro used to control the puppet. Chakra flows from from his hand along the strings to control his puppet "Karasu". Karasu begins squeezing Misumi, Misumi struggles in it's grip then declares that he gives up, but Kankuro merely replies that he can become softer if he breaks his bones, and proceeds into doing so. Misumi collapses and the match ends. Kankuro is declared the winner. From up above, Naruto complains to Kakashi saying that is isn't fair having two against one. Sakura explains to him that Kankuro was using "Marionette no Jutsu" saying that he controlled the doll with his chakra. It's technically the same as using a shuriken or any other tool.

Later in the next scene, Sakura is seen washing up in the bathroom. Ino appears teasing Sakura and telling her that she should retire from the matches. Sakura hesistates but when she looks at her reflection in the mirror she remembers back to when she cut her hair. She then tells herself that she can do her best in this too and the confidently leaves the bathroom replying to Ino that she can't wait for her match to start.
Coming back to the fighting area, they are about to announe the fourth match. As the names appear on the screen it reads: Haruno Sakura vs Yamanaka Ino. Both girls are shocked to see that they are facing each other.

The fight begins and Sakura starts off the match charging towards Ino with a kick, but Ino dodges. Sakura goes into offense but%2

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